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User add user to get multiple bonus

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Binary MLM 2×2 Matrix

A Binary Plan is a Two Legged (Left leg, Right Leg) structure used in Multi-Level Marketing where each new distributors or members are placed in either left or right sub tree. The profit margin depends entirely on your down-line team being active. That is if one of your leg is inactive, then you will not earn much money.

Referal & Pair Bonus

A member gets Pairing Bonus under Binary MLM Compensation Plan. The pairing bonus is paid to the distributor when the tree is complete. After completing the binary tree, the pairing bonus will be credited to the upline user and gaining the bonus is based on the downline members sales.A referral bonus is for referring or sponsoring someone into our system, hard-to-fill vacancy.

Multiple Currencies

Purchase & Repurchase bonus

After purchasing one product, user will get the purchase bonus.After purchasing the same product user will get the discount price as repurchase bonus.And for the repurchase bonus, the commission will be increased and it will be managed by admin.

Team Explorer

Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is a middle-man that securely takes money from your customers and sends it to your bank account. Merchant securely transfers order information to the payment gateway. The transaction is then routed to the issuing bank or the 3D secure page to request transaction authentication.In this script contains offline payment and online payment. Online payment using instamojo payment gateway.

Multiple Currencies

Add User In Downline

User can purchase the E-pin using add the user.The parent member who sponsors the down line members can earn income which the down line members earn in the form of the bonus and such earnings are known as matching bonus. 

Genelogy Tree Structure

MLM genealogy lists are simply the names and contact information of distributors. These are people who have proven themselves to be interested in network marketing. Visual MLM Genealogy is to provide distributors necessary information to manage their downline.

MLM software dashboard